Embarking on a Journey With Go

November 2019 ยท 2 minute read

Today, I am embarking on a journey to learn Go!

Before explaining more about the journey, let me tell you a little bit of background. Recently, I have decided to become more organized in setting learning goals and achieveing them. I have experienced that gentle technology enabled reminders helps a lot to keep focus and avoid distractions. For example, the Activity Rings in Apple Watch. It was an eye-opener that how much it motivates to close those rings and achieve fitness goals every day without fail. I really liked the Activity Rings and searched for similar apps to set personal development goals. At the moment, I am trying out Streaks App, and hope it helps.

One of the goals I have set in Streaks is to learn new languages. Two languages in this case to be exact: One human language and one Programming Language. German is the human language and Go is the Progamming Language I have decided to learn.

Today marks the historical first day in my pursuit of learning Go!

Why Go?

I have heard a lot of good things about Go. Even this blog takes advantage of Go in its internal workings. This blog is created in a static site generator and deployed to GitHub Pages. The Static Site Generator in this case is Hugo. You have guessed it correct! Hugo is written in Go.

Go is a newer language and is very quickly rising in popularity.

Go is invented by geniuses in the Computer Science domain and is Open Source.

Go is designed to support concurrency and multicore CPU architecture.

Go is highly performant and is best suited for systems programming.

Above all, it is more human readble and easier to learn.

Wish me luck!